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A Message from your CIT International Board of Directors

An important message from CIT International regarding use of appropriate language when we refer to people affected by mental illness

Language awareness when we speak and write about individuals with mental illnesses is profoundly important. We should not tolerate use of mental illness labels and insults that dehumanize people.   Research indicates that how we refer to people affects how we treat people. Read More...

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August 15 - 17, 2018

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CIT International is a non-profit organization supporting local, national and international efforts to improve responses to people affected by mental illness.


About CIT Programs

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Model is a solution focused community response to helping people with mental illness.  CIT programs bring stakeholders together from the law enforcement, behavioral health and advocacy sectors, along with people with lived experience with mental illness, to develop solutions for safely re-directing people in crisis away from the judicial system and into the health care system whenever appropriate. 


About the CIT International Annual Conference

The CIT International Annual conference, which takes place in August of each year, draws approximately 1,000 people largely from the law enforcement, behavioral health, and advocacy sectors.  There are over 100 workshops related to topics involving the intersection of law enforcement, mental health, and criminal justice fields. 


CIT was founded in Memphis, TN in 1988 as a key component to the community’s demand for safer first responder crisis services.  CIT is founded on principles of dignity, understanding, kindness, hope and dedication. 


Benefits of CIT Membership

  • Access to resources from around the country
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Reduced cost to attend the annual CIT conference
  • Membership to a highly respected organization
  • Access to resources to strengthen your local community program

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Sam's Corner

CIT…more than just training Identity and Ownership of CIT --- the MORE AND You can’t have a journey without a Destination

By Sam Cochran, CIT International Chairman www.citinternational.org

I am submitting this message to direct attention to concerns that the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) can be lost and/or underdeveloped as a community program. This message has several different passages of thoughts; none of which are intended to be critical of any one CIT program. Never-the-less, some CIT programs throughout the country have lost or are in jeopardy of losing some of the identifying characteristics of CIT, thereby, this message should be taken as a warning/caution. I will try to be brief as to some concerns of CIT lost (at the national, state, county, and local levels). I also use the word “lost” noting that some CIT programs have fallen short of accomplishing the “MORE” of CIT (the engagement to integrate community partners, funding, policy and mental health services supporting the mission of CIT).  Read more of Sam's Corner


Ron Bruno, CIT International Board Member selected to serve on federal effort to address serious mental illness


Check out Arizona's new crisis system video!

A model for outstanding partnerships!  

CIT International Salutes IACP's 

"One Mind Campaign"

and for making CIT Programs a priority


Starting a CIT Program?

In order to start an effective CIT Program, a solid understanding of the guiding principles and Core Elements is necessary. A strong CIT Program is much more than just a training curriculum.   Learn more about how to build a strong foundation for understanding the CIT model.  Learn More Now


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Get Well Fred

Our own Board Member, Fred Frese, who had a minor health issue, missed, and was missed, at out recent CIT International Conference. But in true CIT fashion, CIT International well wishers from around the world signed a card for Fred.

Here is CIT International President Michael Woody presenting the card to Fred.

Get Well Soon!

CIT International  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

1310 N 78th Terr. Box 12388 Kansas City, KS 66112

1-888-738-CITI (2484)

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