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CIT International has developed a Certification Course for CIT Coordinators.  This is an 8 hour/one day course designed to teach a CIT Coordinator about their leadership role and how to be effective as a CIT Coordinator.

 CIT Coordinator's are the backbone to a successful community CIT program.  They bring leadership necessary for a CIT program to grow and be sustained.  Coordinators come from Law Enforcement, Mental Health and Advocacy.

If you are interested in bringing this course to your community please
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Click on the following links for a list of CIT certified coordinators!

Chicago, Illinois-- April 2016    Chicago, Ill CIT Coordinator Participant Course List.2016.pdf

Tacoma, Washington-- October 2016    Tacoma Washington CIT Coordinator Participant Course List.2016.pdf

Madison, Wisconsin--November, 2016   Madison Wisconsin CIT Coordinator Participant Course List.2016.pdf

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida--August, 2017  Ft. Lauderdale FL Coordinator Participant Course List.2017.pdf

Bend, Oregon, October, 2017  Bend Oregon October 2017.pdf

St. Paul, Minnesota, November, 2017  St Paul, Minnesota.pdf

CIT International  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

111 S. Highland Street, Box 71, Memphis, TN  38111

1-888-738-CITI (2484)

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