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Thank you for your interest in presenting at the
2019 CIT International Conference!

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2019

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General Information

CIT International welcomes a Call for Presentations for the 2019 CIT International Conference to be held in Seattle, WA, August 26-28, 2019.   Conference participants include law enforcement personnel, corrections personnel, behavioral health professionals, persons living with behavioral health disorders, family members, advocates, judges / court personnel, public defenders / prosecutors and policy makers.  Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Conference Workshop Committee.  Presentations may address multiple topic areas regarding criminal justice / behavioral health systems and issues.

Presentation Should Focus on the Crisis Intervention Team Program

Topics may include program development, implementation, evaluation, research, and sustainability issues; innovative CIT and community collaborations for adult, adolescent, and children populations; crisis system development and enhancements; trauma, recovery, and resiliency; and jail / prison diversion for persons living with mental health concerns and their families.

Submission Guidelines

  • Length of Workshop: 60 minute or 90 minute presentation by one speaker or a panel of no more than four individuals. Video documentaries or independent film projects that are used for public relations and/or for training in CIT programs may be presented as a workshop. Film submissions should include time for an introduction and a facilitator led discussion.
  • Workshop Title: Interesting title that identifies the primary focus of the workshop and catches the interest of the participants.
  • Workshop Description: A clear, concise description of the workshop as it will appear in the program.
  • Learning Objectives: Describe at least three measurable skills, knowledge, and/or new capacities the participant will gain as a result of the workshop.
  • Presenter Bios: Provide name, title, organization, address, email, and phone number for each presenter. Include a presenter bio.

Selection Process

CIT International is looking for a diverse group of presentations spanning multiple topics in support of Crisis Intervention Team Programs based on the Memphis Model and the Core Elements of that model. Our attendees want to leave the conference with new ideas that have real world applicability and/or demonstrated results. Presentation topics will be selected that best illustrate these characteristics and are interactive with the audience and draw audience appeal. Deadline for submission of a presentation is March 31, 2019. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by April 30, 2019.

Due to time and space constraints, not all submissions can be selected.

Submission FAQ's

Do I have to be a member of CIT International to submit a proposal?

No, one does not have to be a CIT International member to submit a proposal. We accept presentation proposals from any qualified person.

Can vendors propose a presentation?

Yes, by following the same procedures as described above.

If an organization or entity wants to be a vendor, please click HERE.

Do you cover expenses for workshop presenters?

No.  Presenters are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations and must register for the conference. The registration fee for workshop presenters is at a discounted rate of $350.00.

Do you require handouts for presentations?

If needed to engage the audience, presenters are required to provide their own handouts at the time of their presentation.  CIT International will not make copies for handouts.

Do you require a copy of PowerPoint presentations?

If a presenter plans to use a PowerPoint presentation, they must bring their presentation on a USB flash drive at the time of their presentation to upload on the provided computer.  Additionally, CIT International will request a copy of the presentation one week prior to the conference to upload to the CIT International Website for viewing by its membership.

When will I know if I have been selected?

Everyone who submits a proposal will be contacted by April 30, 2019.

Who can I contact with further questions regarding workshop proposals or the conference in general?

E-mail the Conference Workshop Committee at


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