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Julie Solomon is Chief Administration Officer (CAO) for CIT International. 

In this new role, she is focused on three key areas: strategy, fundraising, and administrative oversight. Prior to this role, Ms. Solomon served as Vice President of Emergency Stabilization Services at Wyandot Mental Health Center in Kansas City, Kansas. Ms. Solomon was instrumental in developing the following Justice and Behavioral Health Initiatives: CIT, a police / mental health co-responder program, Jail Diversion Program, Justice Involved Case Management Team, a 24/7/365 crisis center, and a new felony behavioral health court. 

She has served as CIT Liaison for Wyandotte County since its inception in 2012, growing it from the ground up. Wyandotte County has over 300 law enforcement officers in the county currently trained in CIT, including three Police Chiefs. She serves on the leadership team of the Kansas State CIT council, and the greater Kansas City Metro CIT council. Kansas City will be hosting the CIT International conference in 2018. 

In addition to the above accomplishments, Ms. Solomon is a Sequential Intercept Mapping Recipient (SIMS), a BJA grant recipient, and a Trauma Informed Care in the Criminal Justice System grant recipient. In 2015, she was invited to present in New York at the BJA conference on “Building Successful Justice and Mental Health Partnerships” and at the Justice and Mental Health Collaborative Conference in Washington DC on “Responding to the President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing” and “Sustainability”. She recently served on a panel at IACP discussing “Designing Effective Law Enforcement: Behavioral Health Partnerships for People with Mental Illness, and in January of this year, was invited to present in San Antonio at the inaugural conference by the Institute for Behavioral Healthcare Improvement (IBHI) on “Criminal Justice-Behavioral Health Partnerships for People with Mental Illness”. Ms. Solomon was a key stakeholder in writing a new state statute (Crisis Intervention Act) revising the involuntary commitment statutes in KS to allow for a 72 hour involuntary treatment option at the local crisis intervention centers, instead of being transported by law enforcement to the state hospital which is over an hour away. This bill is currently being heard in the Topeka, KS Legislature. Ms. Solomon was elected to the CIT board of directors in 2015, and served on the board until she was hired into her current position with CIT International as CAO. 

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CIT International aspires to be a leader in promoting safe and humane responses 

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 mental illness and/or addiction who are in crisis

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