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Do you need to seek approval from your leadership to attend the 2019 CIT International Conference?

To assist you in justifying your attendance to supervisors or other decision makers we have developed a list of reasons for attending the conference, a customizable letter you can give to your leadership as well as the estimated costs for the conference.


  1.   Network with others and see how other programs have overcome the challenges that your program is currently facing and            take their lessons back to your community.
  2.   Get exposed to excellent programs – to give you ideas about enhancing your program in ways you never would have thought        of on your own.
  3.   Help to inspire others with what you’ve worked hard to accomplish.
  4.   Gain specific skills, knowledge and experiences you can immediately bring back to your agency
  5.   One stop-shop for everything related to a community’s response to making outcomes better between law enforcement and          those that live with a mental illness.
  6.   Expand your knowledge, gain inspiration and creativity to build, improve and sustain your local CIT program.
  7.   Exposure to a wide spectrum of disciplines that offer a diversity of perspectives from newly developed to well established,              robust CIT programs.
  8.   Build a network of resources with other CIT programs throughout the country and world and build relationships that aid you          in your CIT programs
  9.   Gain tips that keep your CIT classes organized, interesting and effective.
  10.   AND...Where else can you talk one-on-one with Major Sam Cochran – who was there at the beginning and has traveled the            world espousing the Core Elements of CIT?

Download a customizable Justification Letter

Conference expenses:

Registration - Member rate = $395; Nonmember rate = $500

 Two Learning Academies (Sunday) = $25 each

Hotel - Group rate = $239

Meals - CIT International offers morning continental all three mornings and two lunches (Tues. and Wed).  Rest of meals on own

Transportation -  Light Link Rail is approximately $3.00 one way; Public Bus, Shuttle service is approximately $18; Taxi is $40

Airfare - is dependent on where you are traveling from

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