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Lt. Richard E. Cavanaugh serves as a Bureau Commander in the Montclair Police Department. He holds a certificate in Civil Mediation, is an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator and is the CIT Law Enforcement Coordinator for Essex County, New Jersey. He is a member of the NJ State CIT committee, an Instructor for Essex County Public Safety Academy, and a CIT Class Instructor. As a NJ Freemason Past Master he was the Chairman of Fundraising and Scholarship Committee Olive Branch Lodge # 16.

Lt. Cavanaugh started, oversees, instructs and fundraises for the CIT Program in Essex County, NJ and has done so since 2011. He has served on the steering committee for Passaic County NJ CIT and is currently a member of the NJ State CIT Committee. He assists the NJ CIT State Program in recruiting and starting CIT in other counties. He has presented at the 2012 CIT International Conference, the 2014 NAMI NJ Conference, as well as, at numerous mental health organizations. As the Law Enforcement Coordinator, he recruits police and correctional officers from Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies to attend CIT trainings.

Lt. Cavanaugh has received many awards during his career. Most notable 9 Life Saving Awards, 4 Meritorious Service Awards, 3 Unit Citations, Officer of the Month and a Distinguished Service Award. As a Past Lodge Master, he received the NJ Freemason's Certificate of Service. He was also instrumental in having the Montclair Township Council recognize May as Mental Health Month.

As a CIT International Board Member newly elected in 2016, Lt. Cavanaugh plans to bring to this Board his Entrepreneurial Spirit. In his words, “Entrepreneurial Spirit is having the creativity to take an existing idea and turn it into something better, while still maintaining the core values and integrity. It is the forging of relationships and bringing about the social awareness that are beneficial for growth and survival. Entrepreneurial Spirit brings determination, creativity, confidence, risk taking, relationship building and the art of promotion to the table.”

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