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We are also asking that you join us in contacting your local representatives asking them to also support this effort.  Find your local representatives here:

https://www.govtrack.us/ or


There is not a current bill attached to this effort.  CIT International is offering to work with other partners to write the bill.  At this time, it would be helpful for state representatives around the country to know that their constituents  support additional funding for increased training on mental health.

To see the letter CIT International is sending click here 

Please feel free to create your own message, or to copy/paste the following message to your state representatives:

Dear (insert your representatives name),


I am writing to support that additional funding be allocated to states to increase training for law enforcement/first responders on mental health and crisis de-escalation.  This is important for preserving the lives of both our first responders and our citizens.  Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs, which include both 40 hours of training for first responders and strong community partnerships, have shown to be an effective approach to de-escalating mental health crises, while also diverting individuals from incarceration to treatment (when  appropriate).


I am asking that you join Representatives Kelly, Napolitano, and others in the effort to improve training and resources for our law enforcement/first responder community on this very important issue.


Thank you for your assistance,


Julie Solomon, LSCSW, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

CIT International

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Kansas City, KS  66112

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