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NAMI and Advocacy Conversation

BONUS SUNDAY - August 28

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Just show up and participate

Advocacy partners hold a critical role within crisis intervention teams. Local NAMI leaders were at the table with clinicians and law enforcement officers as the CIT model was developed. Ensuring that the voices of family members and peers are present within the 40 hours educational component of CIT is just one aspect of our role. In fact, the role of the advocacy partner is far more inclusive than providing speakers. In many ways, the advocacy partner serves as the accountability partner to prevent police departments from pivoting CIT away from a community diversion program into another police training.

Please join other NAMI leaders and advocates for a facilitated conversation about the unique role advocacy partners play in implementing CIT with fidelity to the established best practice standards. Please bring your challenges and successful innovations to this open conversation. We are stronger together.

This event is free to all.  Just show up and participate.  No pre-registration necessary!

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