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Matthew Moody

Board Member - Arizona

Matthew Moody is an Arizona-based consultant and licensed counselor celebrated for his extensive experience in crisis systems and 911 to 988 diversion programs. With a profound background in suicide prevention, mobile crisis teams, and crisis mental health spanning over 15 years, he served as the director of the largest non-profit crisis contact center in the United States. There, he managed a wide array of crisis and resource lines, including 988 and 211 centers. Matthew is dedicated to fostering collaboration between law enforcement and crisis intervention, investing over 1,400 hours in 911/PSAPS to establish and support 911 diversion programs in major cities like Phoenix, Calgary, Tucson, and Mesa, collectively diverting over 1,500 calls monthly from 911 centers. As the board president of Mental Health America of Arizona, CIT International, and the proud recipient of the 2022 CITI Communications Specialist of the Year award, Matthew remains devoted to advancing alternate response systems and advocating for mental health.
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