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CIT Program Certification

CIT International provides CIT programs the opportunity to receive certification through a structured  assessment and feedback process. There are four levels of certification based on the degree to which a program has implemented CIT best practices. Interested program administrators complete an online questionnaire and submit supporting documentation for a team of CIT International evaluators to determine and award the certification level. The certification is valid for three years. 

The program will receive a summary report and feedback.  Together, the certification and summary report allows a program to identify the program's strengths and opportunities.  Program administration can utilize the report to garner further support from the agency, organizational, and community leaders to advance crisis response system reform.  By completing the certification process, CIT program leadership demonstrates their understanding of CIT programing being more than just training and their commitment to best practices of crisis response system development.

CIT Program Structures

AGENCY PROGRAM - A CIT agency program is a community-wide program built around a single police agency that utilizes CIT trained officers in its community's crisis response system.  A CIT agency program may or may not conduct CIT 40-hour trainings, but must have some components of CIT programming.

REGIONAL PROGRAM - A CIT regional program is a program of a geographical region. A CIT regional program is responsible for crisis response system development and reform for its region.  A CIT regional program conducts CIT 40-hour trainings available to all law enforcement agencies within the region.

STATE/PROVINCE PROGRAM - A CIT state/province program is a state/province-wide program. A CIT state/province program is responsible for the development and support of more localized programs, either on a regional or agency level.

Certification Levels

BRONZE A developing program that has met minimum qualifications to be recognized as a CIT program and maintains plans for growth.

SILVER An emerging program that has met many of the best practice criteria  of CIT programming.

GOLD:  An outstanding program that has met most of the best practice criteria of CIT programming.

PLATINUM: A program that has incorporated the best practices of CIT and is recognized as a leading program.  A platinum program may serve as a learning center for other programs worldwide.


Below are PDF files of the online applications which provide an understanding of the types of questions that will need to be addressed.  The PDFs also detail a list of documents that will need to be submitted to the evaluation team.  CIT International also highly recommends reviewing the CIT International guide, "Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: A Best Practice Guide to Transforming Community Responses to Mental Health Crises" before beginning the certification process to become familiar with the philosophies and best practices of CIT programming.

Program Certification Application Preview - State.Province.pdf

Certification Process

To begin, click on the “Get Started” button below. This will begin your journey through the following steps:

Step 1: You will be routed to a registration page where you can enter your program name and contact information. You will then be able to select which certification program you are applying for (Agency, Regional, or State/Province) and your method of payment. You can choose to pay now or receive an invoice. Once these steps are completed, your application will be in process until we can confirm the registration and payment. You will receive email updates as to the status of your application. 

Step 2: Once we receive payment, we will begin creating a survey for you to complete. We will send you an email with a link to the survey when it is ready. You should receive this email and link within 3 business days.  

The survey will prompt you to collect some documents related to your application. Please take your time on this step and involve as many community stakeholders as you see fit. This application is designed to be in-depth and comprehensive. Once we receive your completed survey and corresponding documents, our diverse team of evaluators will begin scoring the application.

Additional Information:  By registering for CIT Program Certification, it is understood that CIT International does not guarantee any level of certification for those who purchase and complete the process.  Certification is valid for three years, at which time, the program would need to re-register and complete the certification process. Recertification is a complete re-evaluation of the program and may or may not receive the same level as the original certification.

For questions or further information, please email Certification Process Administration at  CITProgramCertification@CITInternational.org

Fees and Registration

To register and pay for program certification, please click on the "GET STARTED" button below.

CIT Agency Program $1,000*

CIT Regional Program $1,500*

CIT State/Province Program $2,000*

*Introductory rate for a limited time.


Certified CIT Programs

State / Province Programs

CIT Maine, USA


CIT Wisconsin, USA

CIT Indiana, USA

Regional Programs

Central Valley CIT, AZ, USA

Mecklenburg County CIT, NC, USA

Detroit Wayne CIT, MI, USA

CIT Berrien County, MI, USA

Johnson County CIT, KS, USA

Deschutes County CIT, OR, USA

Bergen County CIT, NJ, USA

Green Bay CIT, WI, USA


Calhoun County, MI, USA

Washington County, RI, USA

Agency Programs

Lenexa PD CIT Program, KS, USA

Huntsville CIT Program, AL, USA

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