CIT International is using the Mobile App - Eventsential to help you organize your conference experience.  We used this last year, so some of you may already be familiar with it and have it on your mobile device. 

Follow these instructions to get connect to the Mobile App and begin planning your conference experience ahead of time.

o To install THE MOBILE APP (Eventsential) go to your Playstore or Apple Store to download the app to your phone or mobile device you will be using at the event.  

o Open the Evensential app.

o On the Welcome screen, enter CIT in the search field. 

o Click on the event to select it.

o Click the Continue button. 

o On the next screen, click login and enter the email address you would like to use.  This will trigger a login link that will be sent via email.  If you already have the app on your phone from a prior year, simply find the event and once in the event go to your Profile to set a password to be logged in.  

o On the next screen, click Select This Event at the bottom.

o Open the login email on the device that will be used to access the event and click Log in Now.

o Select the event and the app.

o The following page will download and configure the event on your mobile device.

o Click the Continue button on the lower right-hand corner to enter the event.  Please note: the shared password will only be used once on the password verification page. If you log out and back in, you only need your email address.

Once you have loaded the Event, you can:

  1. Build your personalized agenda.
  2. Connect with fellow attendees.
  3. Select sponsors and exhibitors of interest.

Please note: if you would like to be included in social aspects within the app, you need to create a login in the app. Click on your name, then click Profile Information to follow the prompts.

If you have difficulty getting into the Mobile App please visit the Information Desk for assistance.

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